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Greg DeMarco, the creator and webmaster of Wrestlingassistant.com, passed away on April 30, 2008.  Greg was a devoted husband and father of three daughters.  As a New Jersey teacher and coach for over 30 years he had a positive impact on literally thousands of young people.  He was the developer of the Old Bridge Wrestling Festival and the "Madison System" for setting up tournaments.

His character and devotion to the sport of wrestling is exemplified by his hobby in retirement, this website, one of the many ways he gave back to the wrestling community. 

Greg's friends and other users of the website are encouraged to sign in and make comments in our Guestbook.

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Amateur wrestling has many fans, but some teams are fortunate to have a SUPERFAN, one who goes far beyond watching an occasional meet. We want to honor those individuals for their loyalty and support. Any team, from college down to elementary and recreation programs, can submit one individual per year for this honor. Click here for details and application.

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Dr. Rob Gilbert's Success Hotline - Online

If you believe that success in sports is 10% physical and 90% mental you'll want to visit this website everyday. It is updated almost daily and has many tips for coaches and wrestlers who are seeking a mental edge. Dr. Gilbert is not only a terrific sport psychologist, but a great motivational speaker as well. 


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We will occasionally feature a graphic or photo from Tom Fortunato's The Web's Best of Amateur Wrestling website. It literally contains thousands of graphics, photos and movie clips. It's all wrestling and it's free! Previously Featured Graphics.

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- The Streak -

Tuesday night, April 29 9 pm ET on ESPN 2

"The Streak" follows the Brandon High School wrestling team in Tampa, FL whose undefeated 439-0 winning streak, dating back 34 years, is the longest in U.S. sports history. Coached by Russ Cozart, the team has amassed 18 state champion-ships and 66 individual state champions. What happened during the filming tested the coach, the wrestlers, and their families as they've never been tested before. Don't miss it!


Amateur Wrestling News

This is America's oldest and most respected wrestling publication, packed with the most complete in-depth wrestling coverage available. For over 50 years they have covered the sport from kids through the Olympics. Amateur Wrestling News is published 12 times a year. Other products.


Kuna Wrestling Club

The Kuna Wrestling Club (ID) serves as a good example of a club website. Check it out!



Youth Coach Food for Thought

All coaches should view this videoclip from Flowrestling.com. Previously featured videoclips.

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Here are the Ideas-of-the-Month for April! Previous ideas.

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