Grapevine Youth Wrestling League

The Grapevine Wrestling League is located in southern New Jersey and is comprised of 33 teams with approximately 2,000 participants. Below are a number of things that make the league unique:

1 - Competitions are held on Saturdays or Sundays only. None are held Monday through Friday.

2 - The 8-week season consists of six competitions followed by two tournaments. Each competition involves three teams.

3 - Every wrestler on a team competes in each competition. Some get one match, most get two and on occasion a few get three matches.

4 - Wrestlers are paired up according to:

  • Weight - There are no predetermined weight classes Wrestlers that are paired up must be within 5-10% of each other.
  • Age - Wrestlers must be within +/- one year of each other.
  • Skill Level - Each wrestler is assigned a skill level rating ranging from 1 to 6 with 1 being a novice and 6 the most experienced and knowledgable wrestlers.
  • For details about the procedure used for pairing up wrestlers look at Articles 10 and 11 of the Grapevine By-Laws.
  • A computer program, called Matchman, is used to pair up the wrestlers.

The advantages of this league are:

  • No cutting weight.
  • Kids wrestle opponents who are the same age, weight and skill level.
  • Everyone wrestles which in turn leads to the added benefit of eliminating the need for wrestle-offs.

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